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The Fairbanks Company

People researching the history of The Fairbanks Company will discover that it has been a manufacturer of industrial products since the 1830's, with operations in Rome, Georgia since 1887 and a national distribution system first developed by the company in the 1890's For more than 165 years expansion of product lines and consolidation of manufacturing facilities, products and markets have led the company to its current stature as a producer of casters, wheels, handtrucks, dollies and related products.

Our central operation, in Rome, Georgia, encompasses nine acres, with over 200,000 square feet under roof, using modern manufacturing techniques for heat treating, robotic welding, electrostatic epoxy powder coating, stamping and forming metal. Fairbanks also has its own hot and cold forging, equipped for securing of caster King-pin assemblies. Wood components are worked, steam-bent and kiln dried on the premises for complete quality control.

Our distributors, national catalog houses, OEM's and other customers all benefit from quality Fairbanks material handling products. Our General Catalog reflects the growth, leadership, and experience gained over these many years. It documents Fairbanks products...and some of the basic contributions the Company has made in providing means of moving materials. It also clearly demonstrates our capabilities, flexibility and experience in designing and building today's best products to meet Industry's modern demands. That's why we're proud to say that Fairbanks provides Basic Products for Industry's Basic Work.