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SS Series Stainless Steel Casters

Capacity up to 300 Lbs.
All stainless steel construction with stainless steel double-ball raceway swivel caster and one-piece rigid caster. Furnished with stainless steel axle and axle nut. Ideal for applications in corrosive and wet environments.
Item #Wheel SizeStyleWheel TypeOverall HeightLoad CapacityWeight
  SS-03-3PBB3 InchSwivelPoly/Poly4 1/2 Inch1501.5 Lbs
  SS-03-3TPR3 InchSwivelThermoplastic4 1/2 Inch1501.8 Lbs
  SS-03-4PBB4 InchSwivelPoly/Poly5 Inch2501.7 Lbs
  SS-03-4TPR4 InchSwivelThermoplastic5 Inch2751.9 Lbs
  SS-03-5PBB5 InchSwivelPoly/Poly6 1/6 Inch2752.1 Lbs
  SS-03-5TPR5 InchSwivelThermoplastic6 1/6 Inch3002.7 Lbs
  SS-13-3PBB3 InchRigidPoly/Poly4 1/2 Inch1501.3 Lbs
  SS-13-3TPR3 InchRigidThermoplastic4 1/2 Inch1501.6 Lbs
  SS-13-4PBB4 InchRigidPoly/Poly5 Inch2501.5 Lbs
  SS-13-4TPR4 InchRigidThermoplastic5 Inch2751.7 Lbs
  SS-13-5PBB5 InchRigidPoly/Poly6 1/6 Inch2751.8 Lbs
  SS-13-5TPR5 InchRigidThermoplastic6 1/6 Inch3002.4 Lbs