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Series 23-33 Medium Duty Caster

Capacity up to 800 lbs.
These units have been cold formed. They have mirror-smooth, high-density primary and secondary raceways for long-lasting life. They feature an exceptionally large secondary raceway for greater swiveling efficiency and better shock absorption. No king pin, featuring Fairbanks' exclusive LOCKWELD construction and leg design.

Floor trucks
  • Warehouse trucks
  • Bakery equipment
  • Display racks
  • Chair trucks
  • Shelf trucks

  • Features
    • Double-ball race swivels E23-4 and EL23-4 swivel casters have a 1/2" diameter cold-forged king pin
    • Large, lower raceway for greater swiveling, efficiency and shock absorption
    • Zinc plated

    • Foot brake for 3" swivel
    • Wheel grease seals
    • Ball race dust seal (consult sales dept)
    Item #Wheel SizeBearing TypeStyleWheel TypeOverall HeightLoad Capacity
      23-3-IW3 InchPlainSwivelSemi Steel4 Inch350 lbs
      23-3-SRR3 InchRollerSwivelSolid Rubber Soft4 Inch125 lbs
      23-3-HR3 InchPlainSwivelSolid Rubber Hard4 Inch250 lbs
      23-3-RT3 InchRollerSwivelRubber Mold-on/Semi-Steel Center4 Inch170 lbs
      23-3-HC3 InchRollerSwivelHi Cap Mold-on/Semi-Steel Center4 Inch340 lbs
      23-3-PO3 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center4 Inch290 lbs
      23-3-PH3 InchPlainSwivelPolyolefin4 Inch250 lbs
      EL23-4-PH4 InchPlainSwivelPolyolefin5 Inch300 lbs
      EL23-4-HR4 InchPlainSwivelSolid Rubber Hard5 Inch300 lbs
      EL23-4-PO4 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center5 Inch350 lbs
      23-4-IW4 InchPlainSwivelSemi Steel5-1/4 Inch600 lbs
      23-4-IRB4 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel5-1/4 Inch600 lbs
      23-4-VG4 InchRollerSwivelV Groove/Semi Steel5-1/4 Inch600 lbs
      23-4-SR4 InchPlainSwivelSolid Rubber Soft5-1/4 Inch225 lbs
      23-4-HR4 InchPlainSwivelSolid Rubber Hard5-1/4 Inch450 lbs
      23-4-HRR4 InchRollerSwivelSolid Rubber Hard5-1/4 Inch450 lbs
      23-4-RT4 InchRollerSwivelRubber Mold-on/Semi-Steel Center5-1/4 Inch200 lbs
      23-4-HC4 InchRollerSwivelHi Cap Mold-on/Semi-Steel Center5-1/4 Inch400 lbs
      23-4-PO4 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center5-1/4 Inch400 lbs
      23-4-PO-AC4 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Alum.5-1/4 Inch400 lbs
      23-4-PDR4 InchRollerSwivelPolyolefin5-1/4 Inch375 lbs
      23-4-MC4 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas5-1/4 Inch600 lbs
      23-5-IW5 InchPlainSwivelSemi Steel6-3/8 Inch700 lbs
      23-5-IRB5 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel6-3/8 Inch700 lbs
      23-5-SRR5 InchRollerSwivelSolid Rubber Soft6-3/8 Inch250 lbs