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Series 2500 Thermoplastic Rubber

Capacity up to 500 lbs
A new high-tech wheel that fills a wide range of applications. The modulas rubber tread, called themoplastic rubber, with a rating of 65 -+ 5, shore A, is permanently bonded to an ultra-durable polyolefin core. This combination creates a wheel that has high reliability, high impact and abrasion resistance, resists floor debris, low temperature flexibility, offers quiet operation and will not go flat under heavy loads.
  • Maximum floor protection
  • Non-marking
  • Inside and outside weatherability
  • High resistance to corrosion, rust, chemicals, solvents and oils
Item #Wheel SizeBearing TypeTread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  2503-BX3 InchBall Bearing1.251-5/83/8150 Lbs
  2504-BX4 InchBall Bearing1.251-5/83/8250 Lbs
  2524-CC4 InchDelrin bearing22-3/163/4300 Lbs
  2524-RB4 InchRoller bearing22-3/175/8300 Lbs
  2524-RB-LB4 InchLess Bearing22-3/181-3/16300 Lbs
  2524-RC4 InchRoller bearing22-3/193/4300 Lbs
  2505-BX5 InchBall Bearing1.251-5/83/8250 Lbs
  2525-CC5 InchDelrin bearing22-3/163/4325 Lbs
  2525-RB5 InchRoller bearing22-3/175/8250 Lbs
  2525-RB-LB5 InchLess Bearing22-3/181-3/16325 Lbs
  2525-RC5 InchRoller bearing22-3/193/4325 Lbs
  2526-CC6 InchDelrin bearing22-3/203/4410 Lbs
  2526-RB6 InchRoller bearing22-3/215/8250 Lbs
  2526-RB-LB6 InchLess Bearing22-3/221-3/16410 Lbs
  2526-RC6 InchRoller bearing22-3/233/4410 Lbs
  2528-CC8 InchDelrin bearing22-3/243/4500 Lbs
  2528-RB8 InchRoller bearing22-3/255/8410 Lbs
  2528-RB-LB8 InchLess Bearing22-3/261-3/16500 Lbs
  2528-RC8 InchRoller bearing22-3/273/4500 Lbs