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Semi & Full Pneumatic Rubber Tire Wheels

Capacity up to 700 lbs
.Full pneumatic tires with separate, inflatable inner tube are mounted on steel, two piece bolted, wheel centers. These wheels are similar to the automotive type in that they require air inflation and provide excellent shock- absorption when handling delicate or fragile items. Easy-rolling with ball bearings for quiet operating, even on rough flooring.
Item #Wheel SizeBearing TypeTread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  SP-6-26 InchN/A22 1/45/8250 Lbs
  FPN8-CW8 InchBall2 -1/24 CENTERED5/8300 Lbs
  SP-8-5-A8 InchN/A2 -1/22 1/4 OFFSET5/8300 Lbs
  SP8-SC8 InchN/A1 -1/21 3/8 OFFSET1/2250 Lbs
  FPN-10-610 InchBall3 -1/22 1/8 OFFSET5/8300 Lbs
  FPN10-CW10 InchBall3- 1/24 CENTERED5/8350 Lbs
  SP-10-2-A10 InchN/A2 -3/42 1/8 OFFSET5/8400 Lbs
  FPN12-CW12 InchBall3 -1/24 CENTERED5/8450 Lbs