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Flat Free Wheels

Capacity up to 300 lbs
.The Fairbanks Flat-Free tire is manufactured from centrifugally molding a blend of micro-cellular polyurethane into a rotating tire mold. This manufacturing technique traps millions of air cells into the material forming a durable, shock-absorbing polymer that creates a solid puncture-proof tire that rides like an air-cushioned tire without adding any significant weight. Flat Free tires are not foam-filled or injected with tire sealant. They will last longer than a pneumatic tire and require less effort to roll. The 10 x 3” Flat-Free tire is mounted on a two-piece bolted steel wheel center. Wheels come with 5/8” diameter, sealed precision ball bearings and a hub-mounted grease fitting. It has a load capacity of 330 lbs. Ship weight: 4.3
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