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All Steel Platform Trucks

Capacity up to 3,500 lbs.
Strong 14-gauge, formed steel deck construction reinforced with steel cross-battens for convenient handling of uniformly distributed loads up to 3,500 lbs.
Platforms have rounded corners that prevent damage to door frames or other obstacles. Fairbanks casters are bolted onto extra caster top plates welded underneath the deck. This results in a simple but secure caster attachment. Standard wheels are rubber mold-on (RT),polyurethane on cast iron(PO, or full pneumatic (FPN). Consult factory for other wheel options. Optional handles available.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Strong 14-gauge steel deck construction.
  • Steel cross-battens for added strength.
  • Decks have rounded corners that prevent damage to walls and door frames.
Item #Deck SizeWheel SizeDeck HeightLoad CapacityWeightWheel type
  SD-25-2448-RT24x485x27 7/8110090Rubber Mold-On
  SD-26-2448-RT24x486x28 5/8160093Rubber Mold-On
  SD-28-2448-RT24x488x210 7/8200099Rubber Mold-On
  SD-28-2448-FPN24x488x2 1/210 7/8120093Full Pneumatic
  SD-210-2448-FPN24x4810x3 1/213 3/8140097Full Pneumatic
  SD-212-2448-FPN24x4812x3 1/717 3/81800114Full Pneumatic
  SD-25-2448-HC24x485x27 7/8220090Rubber Hi-Cap
  SD-26-2448-HC24x486x28 5/8320093Rubber Hi-Cap
  SD-28-2448-HC24x488x210 7/8350099Rubber Hi-Cap
  SD-25-2748-RT27x485x27 7/8110096Rubber Mold-On
  SD-26-2748-RT27x486x28 5/8160099Rubber Mold-On
  SD-28-2748-RT27x488x210 7/82000105Rubber Mold-On
  SD-28-2748-FPN27x488x2 1/210 7/8120099Full Pneumatic
  SD-210-2748-FPN27x4810x3 1/213 3/81400103Full Pneumatic
  SD-212-2748-FPN27x4812x3 1/217 3/81800120Full Pneumatic
  SD-25-2748-HC27x485x27 7/8220096Rubber Hi-Cap
  SD-26-2748-HC27x486x28 5/8320099Rubber Hi-Cap
  SD-28-2748-HC27x488x210 7/83500105Rubber Hi-Cap
  SD-25-2754-RT27x545x27 7/81100102Rubber Mold-On
  SD-26-2754-RT27x546x28 5/81600105Rubber Mold-On
  SD-28-2754-RT27x548x210 7/82000111Rubber Mold-On
  SD-28-2754-FPN27x548x2 1/210 7/81200105Full Pneumatic
  SD-210-2754-FPN27x5410x3 1/213 3/81400109Full Pneumatic
  SD-212-2754-FPN27x5412x3 1/217 3/81800126Full Pneumatic
  SD-26-2754-HC27x546x28 5/83200105Rubber Hi-Cap