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Snap-On Decks For Convertible

Now you can turn your all steel Fairbanks convertible truck into a platform truck with this handy snap-on/snap-off deck. An optional 16" x 30" deck has rounded corners and full wrap-around, non-marking vinyl edging. Easily snaps on and off all Fairbanks convertible trucks. Select oak wood grain or gray non- slip finish. KD; UPSable box. The Snap-On/Snap-Off Deck will fit the following convertible trucks: MCS-1436-8PN, EMCS-1436-8PN, CVN-1500-1OFPN, and CVN-1500- 10PN.FeaturesEasily snaps on and off all Fairbanks convertible handtrucks. Non-marking vinyl edging around deck.
Item #WeightDeck SizeDeck Finish
  1630IDG8 Lbs16x30Grey
  1630IDW8 Lbs16x30Oak